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A young man stands in his bedroom. It just so happens that today, the 13th of April, is this young man's birthday. Though it was thirteen years ago he was given life, it is only today he will be given a name!

What will the name of this young man be?

> Enter name.

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Posted at 1:53pm on July 29th - 11832 NOTES How I Know I Spend Too Much Time on FR
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My friend said she was getting something called a ‘Spiralizer’ and that she’d be making lots of zucchini noodles.

My first mental image:


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"that character isn’t autistic!!!!!11!! you’re just making it up"

i know. that’s why it’s called a headcanon.

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For qhuinn in thanks for being awesome.


For qhuinn in thanks for being awesome.

When you make an adult decision without calling your mother first.
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when you realize your adult decision has unforeseen consequences:


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have you ever known somebody so shitty they completely ruin that first name for you?

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oishrimphead said: I just saw a commercial on t.v about "Teddy Tanks." I got to thinking about #smallpetrespect and I was just wondering, could I get your opinion on Teddy Tanks? They're basically stuffed animals that also serve as fish bowls. You can search them up online.






Here I am downstairs watching some Breaking Bad, and I see this message and I look up the thing and I am so angry that I levitated up the stairs to my laptop where I was surrounded by the hundreds of ghosts of the betta fish this has surely killed. They have a message for everyone: BOWLS AIN’T A HOME.

This is just so baffling wrong. More so perhaps, than anything I have ever seen marketed for pets. There’s NO WAY that thing is at least 2.5 gallons. Plus how would you hook up a filter and heater to that. And you KNOW some small child is whipping that fish around like a stuffed animal, BECAUSE THEY PUT A FISH, A LIVING THING, IN A STUFFED ANIMAL. THIS IS LITERALLY TAKING A LIVE BEING AND MAKING IT A TOY. The rage bubbles within me and gives me indigestion. Why would water and a stuffed animal mix anyway?

This is pretty horrendous. Looking up some info, apparently the bowl is only one gallon. No. And it’s an invention by some pre-med student. And all these articles are lauding him and his inventiveness. I mean cool that somebody around my age was able to get something off the ground… but at what cost? I just. I can’t. I really can’t. Caaarrrrllll that kills fish.

I’m honestly blown away by the negligence. Why do we need to make gimmicky things to keep fish in? Aren’t fish already novel enough? Aren’t they already interesting by virtue of being alive? If you have to get something like this to be interested in a fish, DON’T GET A FISH.


absolutely fucking disgusting. please dont get this kind of shit if you want a betta, just. don’t. get a fake plastic fish and toss it in some water if you want a ‘decoration pet’.

Dear Lord, don’t put your fish, any fish, in something that small. That’s terrible. There’s also that “new and fun” abomination that’s not even fit to grow plants in called My Fun Fish. It’s tiny, horrible, and just awful in concept. No filter, No heater, No oxygenation. Nothing. Just water, a plastic plant, and pouring water into it. No mention of water conditioner, or making it safe for the fish at all.

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Today on: I have too much time on my hands how fucking deep is DRAMAtical Murder?

I got an ask from noizybunnyboy about how Clear would react to seeing Mink’s natural eye color, and it prompted me to a) write a fic snippet and b) think about how Mink’s contacts actually work to interfere with Scrap.

Contacts must be transparent, that is, they must allow light to enter the eye but Mink’s are said to specifically interfere with the lights that are used to brainwash or intoxicate (which in turn are all derived from Toue’s experimentation with/on Sei.) Because we know that the light must enter the eye for the subject to be affected, Mink’s lenses must block whatever light would enter his pupil. Since his observed eye color changes, we should assume that the pigmentation across the lens is constant, that is, the same color that prohibits the Scrap light from entering his pupil is the color that we see superimposed over his natural eye color.


plus a lens gives you


Although we can’t observe the additive wavelength shifts directly like we would with the addition of filters in a physics class room, we can sort of play with the idea that in these two pictures is the information we need to determine the color of Scrap Light.

When we look at Mink’s natural eye color, all the colors of light except yellow are absorbed; the yellow light is reflected. When a colored lens is placed over this natural eye color (to reflect Scrap Light), we see his contact lens color.


And using the power of algebra to solve for an unknown, we can re-arrange this equation (using the blocks of color as crude understandings of the values of light wavelengths) to:


Now, here is where we’re leaving the world of Pseudoscience and entering meta.

What we can do is probably exactly what the design team did: take the hex values for these colors and literally subtract them to obtain a third hex value. You can then suggest that the resulting color is the color that has to be blocked by the Scrap-blocking contact lens.


This third hex value is negative, but you can’t have “negative” light (unless you want to posit redshifting and that’s heading back up there to pseudoscience (leaving aside the fact that his eyes turn green which is a more energetic wavelength of light ANYWAY).)

So now we have an absolute value for this third hex color, 7724f3, and our equation looks like this:


This is the color of Scrap Light.

Say, does anyone remember that club that Mink took Aoba to in his route?


You can say a lot of things about DRAMAtical Murder, but this is really too close for me to believe that it’s a coincidence. It was a deliberately made design choice on the part of the artistic team.

Is this how the lenses actually work ‘in the real world’? No, for various reasons, which include, among other things, the inability of the human eye to perceive certain colors in visible light as pure stimulation of rods and cones(versus combined stimulation of rods and cones), actual problems with the human eye perceiving purple/violet, whether Mink’s lenses operate as a reflective, refractive or absorptive material, whether you want to bring the use of polarized light into it and on and on. Unless we know how “the lights” and Scrap-derived brainwashing methods work, we can’t hazard a guess on this, and everything we do is just fumbling around for an answer.

Is it neat as hell to be able to see how cohesively the design team did things? ABSOLUTELY.

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I'm a 24 year old internet addict from Kentucky and I love stuffed creatures and nonstuffed creatures. I made this to stalk Homestuck things mostly. I plan to post some of my own work eventually as well as cute pictures of cats or other sweet animals.. I haven't written in a long time but maybe this place will inspire me. I like to answer questions about Homestuck, random ones, headcanon ones or whatever. I could even answer them in a character if you like.

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